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Hardaway Point Disc Golf

An 18 hole, blue level disc golf course set on the historic Badin Inn Country Club ball golf course outside the Uwharrie Mountains National Forest and Morrow Mountain State Park. The par 58 course plays just over 7000' with both wooded and open air shots. The historic 1913 Badin Inn provides an event venue, lodging, restaurant and bar.

Stony Mountain Vineyards

Ancient Lands…The very best wines come from hillsides with high mineral content and very ancient soils. Geologists tell us that the Uwharrie Mountains formed over 500 million years ago as an island chain, are probably the oldest land mass in North America. We are a small boutique winery that’s family owned. The vineyard sits atop Stony Mountain with a panoramic view of the lower Yadkin Valley.

Dennis Vineyards

The seed was planted when founder Pritchard Dennis and his wife Lynda took a trip to Spain in the 1970's and discovered their passion and deep appreciation for wine. Upon their return, Pritchard began to research. Books upon books, notepads and calculators – it looked like the office of a crazy person! The idea cultivated and matured until finally in the late 1980's he decided to take the plunge into making his first batch as a hobby winemaker. Success! He had officially been bitten by the ever-contagious and notoriously addictive wine-making bug. This bug was quickly passed on to his son Sandon who began preparing his own batches while Pritchard worked diligently on perfecting his. It was the ultimate father-son challenge. With two people now producing wine (and without a license to sell it) there was plenty of wine to be given away as gifts, thank you’s and simply as a “hey try this!”. Even with all the giving, there was still more, so they started donating it to their church for Communion wine. People came to church, sang their songs & participated in Communion all like usual, with the exception of this new wine being served. Then the crazy thing happened… people were showing up at their doorstep asking for more of “THAT Communion wine”.The Muscadine is a family of grapes that is native to North Carolina. The Mother Vine is located in the Outer Banks and was discovered in 1584 by explorers sent to the New World by Sir Walter Raleigh. All known varieties of Muscadine have stemmed from this one native vine called the Scuppernong. Muscadine grapes grow in various sizes, ranging from a marble to a ping pong ball, and their colors vary from green to gold to black/purple. Their flavor is unmistakable and cannot be compared to that of any other grape variety. Their health benefits are known worldwide as they contain the highest natural quantities of Resveratrol, a known cancer-fighting antioxidant. Taste the wines made from this amazing grape and see why they are so unique and special. As in the case of many winemakers, the increase in demand for our wines brought us to a crossroads: sacrifice quality for quantity, or maintain the standard our customers have come to expect. For Pritchard and Sandon, who were no strangers to long hours, the decision was easy. Maintain the quality and the quantity will come! Refusing to include additives such as food coloring and artificial flavors, meeting demand at times definitely didn't come easy. Fast forward 20 years later to a multi-award winning brand and a loyal customer base that most winemakers could only dream of!

Uwharrie Vineyards and Winery

We are often asked, "What is the best or favorite wine"? Our answer is always the same,  "Whichever one you like the most". Remember a connoisseur is a specialist who knows everything about something and usually nothing about everything else. So enjoy visiting our website and we encourage you to plan a visit to see us and taste some of our hand crafted,  award-winning wines. Then you can decide which is your personal favorite. Plan on spending some time enjoying the vineyard grounds, gift shop, visitor's center, and remember to pack some food if you wish and enjoy a picnic outside. Most of all enjoy the day, take care, travel safe, and have some fun. We look forward to seeing you! That's the basis on the belief behind Uwharrie Vineyards. We feel that life, as with great wine, should be enjoyed to its fullest, because each day in life is a true gift. A good bottle of wine should enhance any meal with friends or family, accompany a romantic moment, or to be enjoyed during a moment of relaxation, and most of all it should be fun.

Piney Point Golf Course

Conveniently and beautifully situated near Lake Tillery in Norwood, North Carolina, Piney Point Golf Club is traditional golf at its finest. North Carolina is known the world over for its scenic grandeur, and the rolling hills of Stanly County lend themselves exceptionally well to the sport of golf.This semi-private, 18-hole par-72 golf course offers the best of everything for the golf enthusiast. Scrupulously maintained and a joy to walk (yes, you can walk this course!), you will want to come back again and again to test your skills against these challenging, yet very playable, holes.

Badin Road Drive In

Two big screens and a whole lot of fun. Ticket prices are $7 per person 12 and up, $5 per child ages 6-11 and FREE for children 5 and under.

Town of Badin

Badin is a community where people can live, work, worship, and play without big city hustle and bustle. The people of Badin enjoy a place where they can walk or drive a golf cart down the street to pick up the daily mail, eat at a local restaurant, fish from the bank of Badin Lake, have a nice meal and a round of disc golf at the 1913 Badin Inn, or just visit with friends. Badin is a place where neighbors know each other, and they work together to lend a helping hand. A calm, walkable community, and a doorway to outdoor recreation in the Uwharrie region - Badin is at once a respite, and a starting line to adventure.

NC Zoo

At the North Carolina Zoo, we celebrate nature. Being the world’s largest natural habitat zoo means the animals here have plenty of room to roam. Our dedicated team of experts provide exceptional, compassionate care to the more than 1,800 animals that call our Park home. We also lead efforts locally and globally to protect wildlife and wild places because we believe nature’s diversity is critical for our collective future. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Zoo is offering a wide variety of virtual programs so you can stay connected and learn about nature. The North Carolina Zoo welcomes everyone to join in our mission to protect nature’s diversity.

Randolph Arts Guild

The mission of the Randolph Arts Guild is to develop, coordinate, and promote activities for the citizens of Randolph County to educate, foster appreciation, and provide for self-expression of the arts.The Guild strives to inform the public about the arts, support artists in their endeavors, teach adults and children the techniques needed to improve or enhance their skills in their chosen discipline(s) and to organize community events that educate, illuminate and bring joy to people in all walks of life.We have made engagement and outreach our focus as we endeavored to promote the arts to more residents of our county while strengthening our established partnerships and developing new relationships with organizations and agencies.

Four Saints Brewing Company

Four Saints Brewing pays homage to the patron saints of beer, Saint Wenceslaus, Saint Nicholas, Saint Luke and Saint Augustine of Hippo. They’ve become the most recognized patron saints for brewing and beer because of their contributions to and associations with the world’s favorite sudsy beverage. Four Saints Founders Joel McClosky and Andrew Deming are carrying on the brewing tradition in the hopes of future sainthood, or at least to make some really good beer.

Asheboro, NC

Whether you’re a business owner, visitor or resident, Asheboro Is Exactly Where You Want to Be! Located in the heart of North Carolina, Asheboro is home to rich economic, natural and cultural resources. Our “come as you are” attitude invites you to jump in and become part of the community - whether you’re here for an afternoon or a lifetime.

North Carolina Pottery Center

Welcome to the North Carolina Pottery Center, the only state-wide facility in the nation devoted solely to pottery. Designed, funded, and constructed through the labors of many citizens, the center opened to the public in Seagrove, NC, on Nov. 7, 1998.

NC Pottery Museum

Our mission is to educate people to the origins of pottery, to hand down a tradition for generations to come. Dedicated to preserving and perpetuating a 200 year-old pottery tradition, staff at the museum strive to educate new generations about the history and beauty of the pottery made in and around Seagrove, North Carolina.   The staff also provides educational services and help in finding just the right piece for each person. A non-profit organization, the Museum of NC Traditional Pottery supports and promotes local potters by providing visitor maps that highlight the location of 112 pottery shops and include colored pictures of pottery items from over sixty of these potteries. The Museum also hosts a calendar of events including the Annual Seagrove Pottery Festival. Over 80 pottery items are on display in the office, as well as Festival Booklets, featuring participants from the pottery festivals that have been held annually over the years. A visit to the office is the perfect first stop when preparing for a wonderful day in the “pottery capital of the US.”


Seagrove has more to offer than just small town southern hospitality. Known as the pottery capital of the United States, with over 100 potters in the area, Seagrove is perfect for craft lovers! Come spend the day with us pottery shopping, dining, and exploring all that Seagrove has to offer.

Morrow Mountain State Park

Choose an adventure at Morrow Mountain State Park, whether it’s hiking, camping, paddling, fishing, horseback riding, swimming or just taking in scenery on one of the highest points in the piedmont. More than 15 miles of hiking trails and 16 miles of bridle trails thread the park, reaching from the summit of Morrow Mountain to Lake Tillery, where a boathouse offers canoes and rowboats for rent and bait for fishing. Visitors can launch their own craft from a boat ramp. A family campground with 106 sites for tents, trailers and RVs is close by a swimming pool with bathhouse. Group camping, remote backpack camping and rustic vacation cabins give more choices for extended stays.

Located in Stanly County, just south of Badin Lake, Morrow Mountain has more than 20 miles of hiking trails

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