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NC Pottery Museum

127 East Main Street Seagrove, NC 27341

Our mission is to educate people to the origins of pottery, to hand down a tradition for generations to come. Dedicated to preserving and perpetuating a 200 year-old pottery tradition, staff at the museum strive to educate new generations about the history and beauty of the pottery made in and around Seagrove, North Carolina.   The staff also provides educational services and help in finding just the right piece for each person. A non-profit organization, the Museum of NC Traditional Pottery supports and promotes local potters by providing visitor maps that highlight the location of 112 pottery shops and include colored pictures of pottery items from over sixty of these potteries. The Museum also hosts a calendar of events including the Annual Seagrove Pottery Festival. Over 80 pottery items are on display in the office, as well as Festival Booklets, featuring participants from the pottery festivals that have been held annually over the years. A visit to the office is the perfect first stop when preparing for a wonderful day in the “pottery capital of the US.”