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Adventure Summit Uwharrie
November 5, 2021
Uwharrie 100
October 23, 2021
STARworks Pumpkin Patch
October 2, 2021
July 3, 2021
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Want to know all the incredible options around here? Then you might love the Discover Uwharrie Welcome Center. Get a taste of the experience, ask questions to a local, and be sure to sign up for our passport and earn a commemorative token just by having fun.

100 W. Main St. Troy, NC 27371
(910) 573-3153


Where To Stay

Nearby Lodging
Badin Lake Horse Camp

Mullinix Rd

Troy, NC

Overflow Horse CamP

Mullinix Rd

Troy, NC

Canebrake Horse Camp

488 McLeans Creek Rd

Troy, NC 27371

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Where to eat & Drink


801 NC-211 E.

Candor, NC 27229


Kristi’s Pizza and Japanese Food

111 S Main St.

Candor, NC 27229


Cuatro Caminos Mexican Restaurant

123 W Main St.

Candor, NC 27229


Blake's Restaurant

165 Hillview St Exd,

Candor, NC 27229



Montgomery County, NC is home to five incorporated towns—each with its own personality. In addition to the summaries below, be sure to visit each town’s website to learn more!


Located in the Heart of NC, 3 miles South of the Geographic Center of the State, the Town of Biscoe represents everything that is good about this great State. Whether you're traveling to the beaches or the mountains, Biscoe is your midway point to Everywhere.

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Troy is a quaint community with a small town atmosphere. Its historical downtown acts as a nucleus of connectivity and activity in the Uwharrie region. We welcome visitors and residents to our region, and our vibrant main street marketplace enhances the region's outstanding quality of life.

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Mt. Gilead

Along Main Street, you'll find a large antique store, an antique mall, an old timey general store, a coffee shop, a home décor retail store, and an art gallery, all packed with unusual, interesting finds. Why, you can even buy handmade craft items created right here in downtown Mt. Gilead. Combine your shopping trip with lunch, and you've got a nice afternoon outing!

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Star is one of five municipalities located in Montgomery County and boasts of having the exact geographic center of North Carolina. This is evidenced in the fact that the Army Corps of Engineers has measured (via satellite) and located the exact geographic center of our state, which is now officially marked. Being located in the center makes us easily accessible from any area of our beautiful state and beyond.

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The Town of Candor was incorporated in 1891 and is a community with deep roots. We are a vital part of the economy of Montgomery County, NC. Our pride rests in the ingenuity of our people and the strides we have made in agriculture and industry - specifically Peaches, Railway & Manufacturing.

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