mouNtain Biking

The Uwharrie Mountains are ideal for any group or individual, because they are so versatile in their offerings. Whether expert or beginner, or a mix of both, there are great trails and incredible rides for you. Single track, climbs, downhills, technical sections and wide open stretches—they’re all here. 

The Uwharrie National Forest is home to two major trail systems that collectively span over 60 miles of trails open year-round, free of charge.

Mountain Bike Trail System offers 22 miles of trails, including the  leisurely “Woodrun Road” as well as the more rough and rocky “Keyauwee” and “Supertree” trails.

Woodrun Road
–11 miles. Easy. The gated and graveled road heads north from the parking lot.

Supertree Trail–5 miles. Easy to Moderate. Connects to Wood Run Road 1.75 miles in. Supertree is 5 miles long. Ride this loop clockwise for more single track downhill. Marked with double white blazes.

Keyauwee Trail–6 miles. More Difficult. Connects to Wood Run Road 2.6 miles in. Ride this loop counterclockwise for more single track downhill. Marked with double white blazes.

To access the Woodrun Trail System, park at the Wood Run Trailhead on NC Highway 24/27, located approximately 10 miles west of Troy and two miles east of the Tillery Bridge. Additional parking is available at the Woodrun Trailhead on NC Highway 24/27.

Badin Lake Recreation Area
Trails are another great option, offering 40 miles of 25 named trails, varying in length and difficulty. Trails are multipurpose and are also used for hiking, biking, OHV, and equestrian use, as marked.

Click here to see a complete map of trails within the Badin Lake Recreation Area.